COVID-19 Response and Recovery

2020 CARES Act Funding Financial Report

COVID-19 in Pierce County

A COVID-19 dashboard is provided by the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. Click here for information and data on COVID-19. Additional data on COVID-19 is available on the Washington State Department of Health's dashboard and the state's COVID-19 risk assessment dashboard

CARES Act Funding Allocations 

The federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed by Congress allocated federal funds to jurisdictions across the country with populations over 500,000. The amount provided to each entity was based on population size.  Pierce County received an allocation of approximately $158 million. 
All CARES Act funding has been allocated:
  • $65,497,605 to Public Health Emergency Response
  • $46,500,000 to Economic Stabilization and Recovery Programs
  • $32,953,922 to Community Response and Resilience
  • $12,960,504 to Essential Government Services
View all CARES Act funding allocations here, or download the dataset here

CARES Act Funding Expenditures

Through the end of 2020, Pierce County's CARES Act funding has been fully expended. 

CARES Act Funding Outcomes

The CARES Act Funding Outcomes Dashboard has been developed to provide data on how CARES Act funds are being deployed in the areas of Public Health Emergency Response, Economic Stabilization and Recovery, Community Response and Resilience, and Essential Government Services. 
View the dashboard here

Pierce County COVID-19 Expenditures

  • FEMA grant funding has been identified to cover the costs for the Temporary Care Center (Hosmer) and Recovery Innovations reserved beds.     

Grant Funding

  • Departments have identified 30 grants for a total of $205,221,244 in COVID-19 funding.
  • The CARES Act funding represents $157,912,031 of the total.

Economic Indicators

Permits by Sector
Unemployment - Pierce County Initial Weekly Unemployment Claims
Pierce County Initial Weekly Unemployment Claims by Sector
Monthly Unemployment Rate
  • After reaching a high of 18.7% in April, Pierce County's monthly unemployment declined to 6.9% in October. In November, Pierce County's unemployment rate increased to 7.5%, and remains the highest among neighboring counties and above the statewide rate of 5.9%. 
Total Unemployment Claims
  • Total unemployment claims in Pierce County decreased slightly, from 33,253 total claims in October to 30,813 claims in November. Continuing claims decreased from 25,488 to19,921 claims. However, initial claims increased, from 7,765 to 10,892 claims.