Criminal Justice Review of Policies and Procedures

Presented to the Pierce County Council on September 16, 2020
As directed by Resolution 2020-43, the following is an extensive but not exhaustive review of numerous Pierce County criminal justice policies and practices. The review was conducted by a work group of senior staff appointed by the Executive, Prosecuting Attorney, and Sheriff. Recommendations are included.
The review focuses on policies and practices that, according to numerous local and national organizations, result in the inequitable treatment of African Americans and all people of color. Time constraints have not allowed a review of the juvenile justice system, “Terry stops,” and other matters. Additional data will be necessary to accurately assess the County’s performance and progress.
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Total Arrests in Pierce County by Race Compared to Population
Note: Population data represents each person being counted once. Arrest data can be impacted by multiple arrests of the same individual or a person residing in another jurisdiction being arrested in Pierce County.
Arrests by Race and Jurisdiction

Jail Bookings

Racial and Ethnic Composition of Jail Bookings
Rate of Jail Bookings by Race/Ethnicity
Jail Bookings Compared to Population

Pierce County Sheriff Jail Bookings

Racial and Ethnic Composition of Sheriff Jail Bookings
Rate of Sheriff Jail Bookings by Race/Ethnicity
Sheriff Bookings Compared to Population

Historical Trend of Pierce County Sheriff Bookings vs. Other Agencies

Booking Outcomes

Booking Outcomes by Race/Ethnicity
Historical Trend of No Charges Filed

Arraignment Outcomes

Arraignment Outcomes by Race/Ethnicity
Note: PR/SIP stands for release on Personal Recognizance or Special Identification Procedure ("book and release").
Historical Trend of Arraignment Outcomes by Charge Category

Jail Population

Jail Population Compared to Pretrial Services Caseload

Public Safety

Crime Data - Past 12 Months

This data shows approximate location of select offenses within unincorporated Pierce County, and the cities of Bonney Lake, Eatonville, Edgewood, Gig Harbor, Puyallup, South Prairie, and University Place. The data is for the previous 12 months and is updated monthly.