Human Services CARES Act Projects 
Geographic Distribution

Mortgage and Foreclosure Assistance

Applications Received

This map represents the applications received for the Mortgage and Foreclosure Assistance program per Council District.

Clients Served

This map represents total clients served and assistance paid out per client.

Mortgage Assistance Payouts by Census Tracks

This map overlays track level income data with clients served in the Mortgage Assistance program.

Rental Assistance

Applications Referred

Applications received and referred to providers for the Rental Assistance program through 9/2/2020.

Veterans Assistance

Veterans Served

This map represents a percentage of Veterans clients served in each Council district. 

Other CARES Projects managed by Human Services

Please use the filter to select a CARES project and a date range.

Clients Served

This chart represents number of clients served by selected CARES projects.