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About the Clerk's Office

The Clerk of the Superior Court's duties are mostly administrative in nature, being quasi-judicial in some cases. The Clerk is responsible for maintaining the records of all cases filed in the Superior Court. The Clerk has several quasi-judicial duties which include issuance of various Writs, Orders, Subpoenas, and Warrants in support of the court's decisions, as well as administration of the Mandatory Arbitration System.
  • Mission: To protect the integrity and accuracy of Superior Court case records, to provide these records with excellent customer service in a fair, thorough, accurate, and respectful matter, and to understand the needs of the customer, assist when necessary and appropriate, and provide direction as needed.
  • Vision: Accurate records, informed customers, and knowledgeable & respectful staff.

Continuously Improve Customer Service

Pretrial Services

Pretrial Services in the Clerk's Office completes indigency screenings for Pierce County Superior Court civil and criminal cases, Pierce County District Court criminal cases, and Fircrest Municipal Court criminal cases. 
Additionally, Pretrial Services completes a risk assessment for those charged in Pierce County Superior Court and provides monitoring for defendants referred to Pretrial Services while their cases are pending. Pretrial Services provides monitoring through scheduled office and telephonic appointments, Court and appointment reminder calls and text messages, transportation support, and referrals to community agencies for voluntary services.
Greater Accountability for Results

Services available through the Clerk's Office:

  • Filing of documents, both electronically and in hard copy form. 
  • Issuance of various Writs and Letters.
  • Providing copies of documents on file.
  • Please see the LINX website for additional information and services. 
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